Wolfe Guard Protection Ltd, Asset Protection Specialists
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Wolfe Guard Protection Ltd.



A UK based Security Company formed by close quarter combat instructors in self-protection.

private security specialists

private security specialists

Asset Protection


“The decrease of risk to your establishment can be transferred effectively… giving you piece of mind and lowering the overheads of security protection”


The development of risk and security threats develop in a global climate, some businesses assets, infrastructure and personnel become subject to certain vulnerabilities.

Here at Wolfe Guard Protection Ltd offer a range of asset protection methods, to ensure your personnel and business interests are secured against risks factors.


With multiple years’ experience within asset protection, allowing our team to highlight the best effective solution to your concerns. Confirming a solution to a potential or a possible threat, we can deploy qualified security team(s) or close protection operatives with or without K9 support, making the risk to a minimum by forming a secured surrounding.

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