Wolfe Guard Protection Ltd, High Value Cargo Escorts
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Wolfe Guard Protection Ltd.



A UK based Security Company formed by close quarter combat instructors in self-protection.

private security specialists

private security specialists

High Value Cargo Escorts


Once the cargo has left the safety of its own environment, this is when it is at its most vulnerable. We offer escort personnel and vehicles make sure that the cargo reaches its destination with any risks or problems.


Our escort team’s stay with the vehicle at all times, whilst in convoy the team leaders are in continuous communications with the drivers.


With the increasing threat of theft and with the possibility of kidnapping, we have adopted a strategy to reduce the risk and show the security presence, by escorts to protect the cargo drivers and ensure that the transportation of high value items are not disrupted.

Our operatives will escort the vehicle from the star point up till its destination, ensure all of the vehicles security tags/ seals and contents are secure, take photographic evidence and report back to management once the handover has been completed.


In some instances the cargo being transported is of some importance or there is a high value which needs to be transported. In these cases, we would carry out a complete route plan with the addition with a secondary route for emergency purposes.

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