Wolfe Guard Protection Ltd, Close Protection / Body Guard Specialists
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Wolfe Guard Protection Ltd.



A UK based Security Company formed by close quarter combat instructors in self-protection.

private security specialists

private security specialists

Close Protection operative, or known as a ‘Bodyguard’.


This service is unfortunately a need for many people, not just for them but their families and certain company employees. Incidents of kidnapping, assault, threats against their life or family member’s life, residential or commercial property, and acts of terrorism are, most unfortunately on the increase.


Threats to personal safety are not always the result of a planned act.

The high spirits of fans or even protesters at a concert or an event will increase the risk of personal injury. Security risks are very real and can come from many different angles.


Our ‘Close Protection’ service will be customized to minimize the risk and enable our clients to enjoy their rights and freedom every day. Our service is to give our clients the freedom to work and enjoy leisure time without fear.


Here at ‘Wolfe Guard Protection Ltd’ we recruit only SIA licensed Close Protection operatives, with further in house training to keep all our personal to one standard, and with the initiative to ensure the safety of our clients. Our requests may range from a single event to indefinite periods of protection 24 -7, ranging from personal, family or even residential protection.


Whatever your travel needs and requirements may be, we can service your needs in providing you with your very own personalized “Secret Service” to shield you against any foreseen harm coming your way.


We can arrange for vehicle transportation to take you from place to place of your scheduled day.


We provide highly trained, plain clothes security teams to keep you from harm’s way 24 hours a day UK wide.


Our service also offers consulting services that include full scale risk and threat assessments for forward planning to your required visits and tours ensuring you the client have a safe and successful trip.

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